Root Metaphors

A Root Metaphor may grow into a World Theory, via a Root Metaphor Theory in which Hypotheses are supported by Evidence and Corroboration.

An authentic Root Metaphor induced from an Adequate World Hypothesis is declared to have exhibited sufficient Structural Corroboration towards World Theories. Other are declared as inadequate. * Four Relatively Adequate Hypotheses were published by Pepper in 1942. * Two Inadequate World Hypotheses were published in 1942. * Additional Proposed World Hypothesis have been surfaced by Pepper, and by other researchers, but have not yet undergone rigourous review.

In World Hypotheses: A Study in Evidence (1942), Chapter V: Root Metaphors, Root Metaphor Theory in itself is described as a hypothesis.

digraph PepperCh05Inducing { // Global setup rankdir = BT // Node list {rank=same ind rcog} wh [shape=box color="green" label="World\nHypotheses"] ind [shape=oval color="blue" label="Inducing"] rm [shape=box color="green" label="Root\nMetaphor"] inad [shape=box style="rounded" color="brown" label="Inadequate"] ad [shape=box style="rounded" color="brown" label="Adequate"] subgraph cluster_SSH { color="green" labelloc=b label="System of Structural Hypotheses" {rank = same inad ad} } rcog [shape=oval color="blue" label="Refining Cognition via\nCorroborating Structurally"] // Adding edges wh -> ind [arrowhead="odot" label="is\nrequired\nby"] ind -> rm [arrowhead="onormal" arrowsize="0.8" label="yields"] ind -> rcog [arrowhead="obox" label="is an\ninstance\nof"] inad -> rcog [arrowhead="onormal" arrowsize="0.8" label="state\nchanges\nthrough"] rcog -> ad [arrowhead="onormal" arrowsize="0.8" label="changes\n\state\nto"] }

> Root metaphors are induced from world theories. [§1, p. 84]

Generating World Theories can be analogized with common sense, not deduced from data. [§2].

A Root Metaphor Method is described, in principle, as a series of steps that an individual person might take, towards a common sense way of generating a World Theory [§3]

* The philosophy of pragmatism clarifies ideas through Maxims.

Two root metaphors that are named as Inadequate World Hypotheses are described in Chapter VI: Examples of Inadequacies in World Hypotheses, to illustrate cases of unreliability. These are sequenced in the book before four chapters of Relatively Adequate Hypotheses.